if i could only touch the grass

i’d morph into roots that dig 1,000 miles deep and

i’d never come up for air.

i’d seek to be the Earth’s core and

i could never be torn away from the soul of humanity.

i’m lost in things unseen.

i believe that i am what i think,

so i’m kissing my newborn child,

building a bridge,

feeding the poor –

making my Life Supreme.

i’m trying to reincarnate back into my 1st capsule.

i’m at the edge of God’s tongue

and He spoke me into a Galaxy.

i spun and spawned,

birthed novas with my pen.

i was a sun spot in your eye;

a comet like speaker.

i whizzed into the darkness

that was womb,

that was love.

children of the world need to know that

their past is not Nintendo

and our elders need to realize

these will be our leaders.

i just want to be a mystic

who lives on magic potions.

i survive off of the sustenance of spirits,

and music

and art.

i want to be a nomad in the desert

praying 5 times a day to

streams coz they naturally flow

and don’t stop even when barriers are in the way.

if people understood me

we’d greet each other with a Holy Kiss.

i’m the simplest atom.

i’m Jerusalem with wise men.

like the rainbow i bend to seal my covenant.

candles and incantations swirl my soul.

there’s Africa’s soil at the bottom of my feet.

my Mother used to save dirt and eat pinches of it

i never understood until Acient Kemet spoke to me of Neter

and i prostrate to

child births and dreadlocks.

i’m high on Gnostic scrolls.

i feel like a Coptic priest when walking amongst these dead-

they forgot how to live/

to see through their chakras

and transcend space.

i sit tall like majestic giraffe on the plains

and low like scarab.

i’d like to live in a land where

pineapple and rice is a National dish

and gazing in your lover’s eyes is a social custom

sipping tea and humming hymns is a past time,

the sky is my telephone,

eagles my emails,

religion is poetry.

we hold hands around sad faces

until they warm like sun beams.

moon light says be sweet to each other.

stars talk to us like neighbours.

how do you love a drum?

beat by beat.

and instruments be our fingers

in hair/on faces

making sounds ooze from lips like peaches and plums.

prison is when you give up and

hell is what you feel like while there.

heaven is enlightenment from the bliss of ignorance

let the only wars be fought over

which proverb you love best.

and disease should only be blank sheets of paper

that we cure with

vowels, verbs and verses.

let’s be vessels for manifestation.

let’s suckle on the milk of sages/

find secrets in

stain glass windows or rock candy.

remember sugar water raised Queens and

mayonnaise sandwiches, Kings.

we simple folk like acorns.

the fall is the best thing to happen.

the oak lives within.

the oak lives within.

the crash makes us sprout.

carry me on the wind to Syria.

wrap me in the silk of prophets.

let me burn at the stake with witches and pagans

cause some people have to be odd

so others can get even.

i spoke a riddle from heaven’s revelations


i’ll be the eye of Horus

for generations to come.

i’m stuck on solomon’s oath.

i’m lost only in me

where i find all the answers.

this is only a prayer

that never closes

and begins

where it ends

only to start at deathlessness

which is birthlessness

so i be



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