Certified Paralegal

Wonderful news!

After a year long course, I have finally received my Paralegal certificate. I made the decision in 2012 to start making different choices, starting with sound choices that were in the form of investments. Coming into maturity, one must realize (regardless of incarceration) that if you plan to have a meaningful life, then you must begin to put things of substance underneath your feet. Since I plan to do grassroots work as my Life Work (again, regardless of incarceration) then I have to do things that will compliment that work. Achieving this certificate was the first step in the right direction. I’m now one step closer to being able to help others who are in shoes like mine and make a change throughout the system. One must have the right tools and credentials to do that.

As you will see from my grades, I did pretty good. A 92 average isn’t too bad for an old guy! Next, I plan to look into advanced legal courses and hopefully other college courses that will get me the degrees and credits I need to be successful in my field.

As a prisoner- one who is categorized and judged- it’s important to share these feats so that you know: one, people that make errors can make amends and two, people in prison do try improve themselves and redeem themselves as conductive members of society. I definitely am. I look forward to reporting more advancements soon.


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