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For man, dreaming is all they can do. Prison is filled with people (men and women) that will never be free. While many may have done things so atrocious that they shouldn’t be allowed back in society, there are SO MANY that didn’t deserve the life sentences handed down to them (in life without parole, 99, 60, 70, 80 years stacked sentences.)

I refuse to accept that I will have to do time until 2036 when I will be REVIEWED for parole (not released, just reviewed). Because I don’t accept that I don’t just dream, but I plan. I work. I plan my work and work my plan.

In this ever changing country I continually look for the changes which will free me (as I should rightfully be.)

On this section I allow you a rare glimpse into my life goals. These are things that I will do when I return to society. My reeducation and sacrifices will not be for nothing. My commitments will be upheld and my production will be substantial. It’s what I believe and it’s what I fight for everyday.


(Not necessarily in this order, but the top 5 are PRIMARY)

> Speak and work for CEDP

> Advance the work of Attorney Mary Felps

> Start a Foster Family Foundation
> Create an organization for social outreach
> Travel with my daughter around the world
> Attend a poetry circuit
> Make a spoken word CD
> Raise money for Africa issues
> Buy land in Africa and build there
> Learn Swahili, French and Spanish fluently
> Take classes at HBCU
> Build political schools for the youth
> Learn some dancing (Salsa, Hip-Hop, frat step’n)
> Take mixed martial arts
> Work for Pacifica Radio
> Learn to hand sign so I can speak to the deaf and hopefully oneday be able to hand speak my poetry.



> Not live out my legacy or live up to my potentials

> Disrespect or disappoint my family

> Commit a petty or senseless crime
> Vote Republican
> Eat any kind of animal you might see in a zoo or have as a pet
(extended to anything that just doesn’t make sense: like the brains of something)
> Not move a crowd when I touch a mic
> Cause harm to anyone that hasn’t caused harm to me or those I love
> Try any death-defying stunts (eg: skydive, bungee jump, pet a bear, swim with sharks etc…
I’ve defied death once and I’m good!)
> Make it and forget those that helped me make it


(Not necessarily in this order, but Perry is a Must, because if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here. I can’t wait to see his face!!!)

> Rick Perry

> Barack Obama
> Jessica Care Moore
> Asha Bandele
> Desmond Tutu
> Nelson Mandela
> Suheir Hammad
> Jill Scott
> Assata Shakur
> Angela Davis
> Amy Goodman

> Fred Hampton Jr
> Wallace Bradley
> Nikki Giovanni
> Louis Farrakhan
> Rapper Mc Eiht
> Phylicia Rashad
> Debbie Allen
> Oprah
> 90.1KPFT crew in Houston
> NPR crew for the Corpus Area
> Sonia Sanchez
> Dead Prez and RBG crew
> Zapatista community
> The African tribe my bloodline is from
> As many of my pen-friends as possible


(While I will be having fun, I’ll also be leaving my mark in every place I go!)

America: Bay Area, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Charlotte, Hawaii, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Miami)

> Puerto Rico
> Trinidad
> Cuba
> Barbados
> Dominic an Republic

Europe: London, Brixton, France, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Spain, Italy

Asia: Tokyo, Kazakhstan

Africa: Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Senegal, South Africa, Ethiopia

Jamaica: Negril (Hedonism II resort)

Middle East: Jerusalem, Mecca, Palestine


Dear Everyone,

As human beings, I think IDENTITY and PURPOSE are major driving factors for us. We often seek ways to describe ourselves, or we often try to understand what we mimic.

It’s my belief that nature as a whole reflects itself- from the Plant Kingdom to the Animal Kingdom to the Human Kingdom. But, are people able to see themselves correctly and admit it when they do?

I’ve discovered a piece of myself. And while it’s metaphorical, sometimes we discover the greatest parts of ourselves within these signs and symbols.

While reading a book called “The Power of One” by Bryce Courtenay I came across a part where the author talks about the cactus plant. It really grabbed me and I knew that I was really finding a match. While the author was seeking to describe traits of God, I could definitely see myself in a smaller image.

A cactus is not the best plant that one would like to be like, but honesty is liberating. I think many people would rather be a rose or a sunflower, but sometimes we’re not as beautiful as we think. And sometimes a beautiful outside may hide a poisonous inside. With the cactus I found myself and it was a piece of myself that I wanted to share with all that know me or read about me. It’s introspection, admission and revelation. Enjoy the humor in it, but embrace the honesty of it.

“If God would choose a plant to represent Him, I think He would choose of all plants the cactus. The cactus has all the blessings He tried, but mostly failed, to give to man.

It has humility, but it is not submissive. It grows where no other plant will grow. It does not complain when the sun bakes it or the wind tears it from the cliff or drowns it in the dry sand of the desert or when it is thirsty.

When the rain comes it stores water for the hard times to come. In good times and in bad it will still flower. It protects itself against danger, but it harasses no other plant. It adapts perfectly to almost any environment. It has patience and enjoys solitude.

The cactus has properties that heal the wounds of men and from it comes potions that can make man touch the face of God or stare into the mouth of hell.

It is the plant of patience and solitude, love and madness, ugliness and beauty, toughness and gentleness.”

This is why I can seek to be a cactus with a smile on my face!




The ideology behind my logo represents everything I stand for and believe. From the smallest parts of its root to the most expansive part of its branches the Power of One is what sustains me.

The Power of One stems back to one man point—which is the seed that makes everything flourish—which is Life comes from One “Creator, One Source and/or One Thought.” Regardless if you believe Life started as an algae or sprang full-grown from the Mind of the Creator, there had to be a First Cause.

That First Cause is the Universal Energy (vital force) that permeates the Universe. This is something that is in reach of everyone.

Be it prayer, meditation, song, poem- there are all mental images that for within us, and depending on our faith, belief and action will depend on what manifest from us.

As a prisoner, the majority of what I manifest comes from my Mind. I’m unable to plan, construct, tap a computer. Through my concepts I allow others to see and do. Imagination pictures the thing you desire. We focus on that one desire. Vision idealizes it. Even from prison I mold my life, and from my faith and belief I push to manifest what I want for y future. It is the Power of that One (Mind/Thought/Idea).

Through One Life at a time we make One Difference. People have so many desires at one time to where they can never set aim upon something and get it done. You have to concentrate on One idea at a time. And when you do- “what things soever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them.”

Thus, we stand on the concept of One. From the smalled we build the greatest. No matter if you’re a prisoner or a young entrepreneur, the concept applies the same, and from what we push forward standing on:

One Life. One Difference.


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