Audio on SB 1437

In 2019 California passed a monumental bill – SB1437 – which abolished giving death or life sentences in cases of people who did not kill-other than rare extreme cases- definitely not for being a lookout for a getaway driver. Between 800 and 2000 are said to be affected.
It’s our belief – felony murder reform advocates – that this should become a national standard.
for example – the same way in 2005 the standard became 17 and under can’t be executed in America or having an IQ of 70 and below. It was passed Nationwide. So should the standards of SB1437.
We believe that all states incurring these unconstitutional statues should unite.create one voice. create one movement and become a force that cannot be ignored.
#adoptsb1437nationally Is our banner. is our cry.
if you never killed anyone nor had an intent for someone to be killed you should not be killed. And that’s by death chamber or a life sentence.
Join our consensus. We need you to help us knock out one more brick in this wall of Injustice.
Join us. We need you. We look forward to you.

Law of Party