Letter to the LaHood family

Dear LaHood Family,

It’s hard for someone in my shoes to write a letter that could make any difference in your world. But, all of us believing in God and the Power of the Strength that comes through Him, nothing is impossible.

There’s nothing in my life that I don’t give to Him, and it is through Him that I am able to write this letter today. It is ONLY through Him that I can offer myself up and ask for your forgiveness. And I know it can ONLY be through Him that it is accepted.

There has been so much pain through this situation. I am here to say that I deeply regret that someone in my car took the life of your loved one. He should not have died. He, nor you, deserved that.

In the face of this, in the face of the nightmares, suffering, struggles, I realize that I had to turn my life around in such a way that something powerful came out of this. But, it also became acutely aware to me that this- the fullness of it- cannot happen without your forgiveness and extension for reconciliation. And I’m here, on two knees, asking for that. Asking by admitting that I chose the wrong crowds in life. Asking by admitting that I wasn’t a strong individual. I was a follower, and my weakness opened the door for this tragedy.

I have had to walk my daily life trying to understand our actions, understand Faith, understand God, understand punishment, and also redemption. I came to understand that one has to not only turn from his old ways but turn towards a new one. I realize that I cannot only live for myself or my family, but I have to live for yours as well because our families are interwoven into each other. And that will never be undone. I have prayed to God on many occasions that our families will find peace with each other. But, moreso, that we will find a way to lift up those that we have lost as a testament to humanity of what we should not do and what we can do.

I continue to pray for your family’s strength, well-being, and advancement. I continue to pray that you could one day look into my heart and see who I am now, see the efforts I have made to turn a mistake into something that can change people’s lives. My errors can only be forgiven by the fact that I live my life now for others. I would like to live my life for you. I would like to live my life for the bigger picture in this situation. And if we all submit it to God, the nit will be so. I will never let go of the prayer that it will be so.

May God continue to Bless and Keep your entire family.

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