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Joshua Guillory

Hello !

First, I want to say time is too valuable to waste. So, I thank you for giving me yours by reading this letter.

I’m writing this hoping to find a friend. Someone I can reveal my true nature to and shed light on the real me (and vice versa if needed). I’ve never had a genuine friend, only some that portrayed to be, thus to finally experience one would be a blessing.

I feel that life is just a word with whatever meaning you choose to give it. Although I’ve been incarcerated for a few years now, I try to keep a positive attitude and look to the bright side of any situation I may face. I’m currently serving a life sentence but I must say my motivation is bigger than just gaining my freedom. It’s having a second chance with my kids. That alone feeds my passion to fight and will to survive.

I have a lot of hobbies that I enjoy. Too many to list. My favorites are listening to all kind of music, writing poetry and studying history! I keep an open mind to new things and love learning new ways to enjoy life. I’m a big fan of cultural backgrounds. I find it amazing what lies in some people’s historical backgrounds.

I’m 22 years of age. I’m an African-American, originally from Beaumont, Texas. I’m 5 feet 9 inches tall. I’m brown skin and keep myself together physically by exercising regularly.

As we walk in this journey of life we all stumble. But, only those that get up take great strides. We rarely do it alone though. In the face of all my errors I look forward to the one that will help me create my greatest triumph. A perfect person is what I can’t be, but a great friend is what I would love to be.
Again, thanks for your time.

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TonyTony Ford has not only been a best friend and mentor of mine for years, but he is also a person that has been victimized by the Law of Parties. There are many striking similarities between his case and mine. Tony has worked hard over the years to stay active on his case and active on the inside and he deserves as much support as he can get. He has his own sites up and i’d ask you all to check them out and support him in anyway possible. I think that once you view his site you will see the great genius that resides within him. I thankyou very much ahead of time for taking a few moments to follow another great injustice in Texas.

To those who take time to seek the full truth of Tony’s case the facts speak for themselves. To those who take time to know the man behind the media portrayal and behind the tabloid stereotype of a death row inmate, and to those who truly know and love Tony, his character is clear. He is a man not broken by the circumstances he has been thrown into. Who he is is not dictated by where he is. And yet the struggle for life that he endures daily has deeply impacted him – it has made him more introspective, more willing to look objectively at his own human flaws, less judgemental, more open and forgiving of the imperfect humanity of others… and more than anything it has made him stronger. Amazingly Tony carries no bitterness at the suffering he has endured, at the years he has lost and can never recover. He remains resolute in his fight for justice and yet this constant struggle does not taint him. He loves life and he retains a strong faith in both God and the human race.
When a man is sentenced to death, it is not in isolation. There can never be a way for the state to impose death on an individual and it not affect countless other individuals. The state sentences whole families to death… generations of loved ones, friends…. The ripple effect is never ending and more destructive than any government who employs this barbaric system of justice, will acknowledge. Whether you know someone in Tony’s position or not, when they murder in the name of justice no one remains untainted…

When they murder someone innocent in the name of justice they slowly kill a little of the humanity in all of us. The state becomes that which it condemns – a cold, calculating murderer. And if we sit back and do nothing then we collude in the murder of men and women over and over again. And there but for the grace of God go we.
Tony Egbuna Ford is more than an inmate, more than just his prison number. He is a son, a husband, a father, a grandson, a brother, an uncle, a friend. He is an artist, a poet. He is a spiritual man, a patient man, a kind and loving man. He loves life. And despite the blows dealt to him by his fellow human beings, he loves humanity. He fights tirelessly, peacefully, against the flawed system that cages him. He fights for those who do not have the strength to fight for themselves. He is a big brother, a shoulder to lean on, for those who society has cast aside.

To read more about Tony please visit:

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Many Greetings !

First and foremost, I appreciate you taking out the time to read this letter and give some thoughts to a new correspondence.

I hope I can share a few words that will reflect the genuine person I am and also the sincere desire I have to find, and maintain, a meaningful correspondence. For those of us on the inside it’s truly the most fulfilling things we can find.


I’ve been incarcerated for several years now, but I still manage to maintain an “outside-the-box” frame of mind. What I mean by this is regardless of the way I was previously taught in life I’m completely open to learning about things I’ve never known about. To me new experiences aren’t taboo, they are to be looked forward to. Therefore, it’s not a challenge for me to touch base on many different topics.


Some of my hobbies are writing poetry, reading and I’m teaching myself how to draw. I’m also studying the law so that I can eventually get my case overturned or shortened. I’m currently under a Life sentence without parole, but the laws always change in America. Thus, it’s up to me to pay attention and fight for my freedom with a passion. That’s why I don’t consider this sentence the final verdict.


I’m 28 years of age. I’m originally from St Louis, Missouri. I’m African-American, 6 feet tall. I enjoy exercising. I’m light brown, but never get enough of playing in the sun. One day I hope to see far away places where I can do just that.


I’ve never had a pen-friend in Europe. I would very much like to meet new people and learn things outside of this country. I just want to learn about cultures and music and people and quite simply… life. And I hope that I can provide some light to somebody else’s day.


In the midst of it all, my main objectives are to stay on a positive note and keep my family and friends’ spirits uplifted at all times, no matter what. It would be a pleasure for us to build a friendship. I do appreciate your time and thoughts.


With regards,


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