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Many Greetings !

First and foremost, I appreciate you taking out the time to read this letter and give some thoughts to a new correspondence.

I hope I can share a few words that will reflect the genuine person I am and also the sincere desire I have to find, and maintain, a meaningful correspondence. For those of us on the inside it’s truly the most fulfilling things we can find.


I’ve been incarcerated for several years now, but I still manage to maintain an “outside-the-box” frame of mind. What I mean by this is regardless of the way I was previously taught in life I’m completely open to learning about things I’ve never known about. To me new experiences aren’t taboo, they are to be looked forward to. Therefore, it’s not a challenge for me to touch base on many different topics.


Some of my hobbies are writing poetry, reading and I’m teaching myself how to draw. I’m also studying the law so that I can eventually get my case overturned or shortened. I’m currently under a Life sentence without parole, but the laws always change in America. Thus, it’s up to me to pay attention and fight for my freedom with a passion. That’s why I don’t consider this sentence the final verdict.


I’m 28 years of age. I’m originally from St Louis, Missouri. I’m African-American, 6 feet tall. I enjoy exercising. I’m light brown, but never get enough of playing in the sun. One day I hope to see far away places where I can do just that.


I’ve never had a pen-friend in Europe. I would very much like to meet new people and learn things outside of this country. I just want to learn about cultures and music and people and quite simply… life. And I hope that I can provide some light to somebody else’s day.


In the midst of it all, my main objectives are to stay on a positive note and keep my family and friends’ spirits uplifted at all times, no matter what. It would be a pleasure for us to build a friendship. I do appreciate your time and thoughts.


With regards,


Joseph Torrey #1489641
Ellis Unit
1697 FM 980
Huntsville, TX 77343

Kenneth´s Poetry Books

Currently Kenneth is looking for new avenues to get his books printed, so at this time none are available. However, for very special reasons books can be privately printed. If you have a special cause please contact us and we’ll arrange something. Or if you have any information on printing/ publishing avenues we’d very much like to know about it. Please contact us at:

Thank you. We hope to get these books printed again to share with the world. For now enjoy Kenneth’s work in the poetry Index.

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