COMMISSARY – Gifts for Inmates


I’m happy to report the above. In all honesty I didn’t think Texas would implement something like this for another 6 or 7 years. This is long overdue looking at all the budget cuts and financial issues they have going on (which does NOT mean they aren’t making money, it just means they are using less tax payer money for programs and things inmates should get [like better food and food portions]. Also keep in mind that many prisons are privately owned [like NFl or NBA teams]. If you don’t think the System is making money look up Texas Corrections Industries which makes [off free inmate labor] items that they sell to inmates on the prison commissary. Like I’ve said 1 000 times- what they do is about punishment not crisis).


Anyhow, the above will eventually open the door to other/better items being offered to inmates (like in almost every other State). Texas has simply wanted to be the most conservative, but that money is calling. This will of course give them lots of it, especially if they begin to sale things like TV’s, walkmans or better clothes and goods. For as you noticed they said “along with some new packaged items that will be added.” It’s about time. But, of course, it’ll be a slow process (just like the phones which were installed in 2010. Texas being the last State in the USA to do so).


Texas finally steps into the civilized world. (Posted for THE ECHO- TDC’s prison newspaper).

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