driveThe DRIVE Movement was formed in November 2005 originally seeking to unite the Death Row Community and to first bring about change for everyone caged there, at the Polunsky Unit on Texas Death Row, and eventually nationwide. Due to the ever-worsening deplorable environment of the conditions on Death Row, DRIVE feels there is no choice but to push forward and initiate a change in the conditions first, which will then set the conditions that will lead to the abolition of the Death Penalty.

DRIVE, originally consisted of five main Comrades: Kenneth Foster Jr., Reginald Blanton, Rob Will, Gabriel Gonzalez, and Da¿mon Simpson, but over the past months’ others have joined in, not only within Texas Death Row but throughout the country as well, especially in Pennsylvania. Inmates are non violently protesting not only for humane conditions but they also protest against their executions, and amazingly others as well when an execution is imminent; Moreover, a hunger strike in collaboration with other dedicated activists has been going on since October 8, 2006, and inmates who have been involved are prepared to renew this sacrifice starting on New Year¿s Day, 2007, calling on all the incarcerated to rise up and send a vibrant message to the outside world!

These Comrades are united in trying to change conditions. They have put aside all minor barriers of ethnicity, creed, color, and beliefs, to focus on the injustices forced upon them by the system. By means of inner-resistance, organizing, outer petitions drives, protests, and direct actions, DRIVE hope to solidify their stance and remain relentless in the fight against oppression!

DRIVE has reached out to the whole activist community and solid bonds have been formed through this effort to establish a wide-reaching concerted action inside and out; a necessary duality between the activists and the individuals directly concerned by their activism. Radio interviews, newspaper articles, joint actions, pamphlets, flyers, and so on are small examples of how the word has been getting out far beyond the word of mouth.

DRIVE is not seeking a violent process (in action or response). However, through experiences, the totalitarian system has sought to meet DRIVE¿s protests for Humanitarian change with violence: extensive use of force squads with gassings, and denials of meals, showers, clothing, and grievances are among a long list of tactics used to divide and conquer them; a tactic that failed miserably to achieve its goals. Regardless of all this harsh oppression, the DRIVE comrades never wavered as they truly believe in the need for change. Truly believing in the Cause, they are willing to suffer for their beliefs and the greater good of all.

Since they were transferred to the Polunsky Unit back in 2000, the work program has been discontinued, the group recreations abolished, TVs, arts, and crafts not allowed. The building itself is left to decay (e.g. unsanitary conditions, foundation cracking in the cells). These were meant to be temporary measures but they have lasted for six and a half years without a hint of an end in sight. Their environment has been designed to torture, provoke, and degrade into a deplorable state (mentally, physically, and spiritually). Therefore, DRIVE a step forward to say, “ENOUGH!”

Until Humane conditions are implemented and Freedom and true Justice are achieved, DRIVE will continue to be an uncompromising force in the Struggle!

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