DropLoPTexas Political Action Committee


The Kenneth Foster’Support Group works with DropLoPTexas, a local Political Action Committee registered with the State of Texas, dedicated to reforming the outmoded and unjust Law of Parties.

Under this law, many Texans have been sentenced to outrageously lengthy or cruel sentences, including death, because of connections with a person who killed someone, whether the second person participated in the killing or not.

The law of parties for felonies other than capital crimes can also result in a long sentence for a person who was “along for the ride,” or in a relationship with the main perpetrator of the felony.

To learn more about this group or if you want to join the effort to reform the LOP : https://droploptexas.com/

The group is trying to gather statistics regarding cases in Texas for which the Law Of Parties or Felony Murder Rule was invoked, resulting in excessive sentences for a crime committed by another person.

This work and the information gathered aim at influencing Texas lawmakers to repeal the Law of Parties and provide sentencing reviews for people who are serving time for acts they did not do

If you are  willing to help them find out about people who are serving time under Law of Parties, write to:

Drop LoP Texas

P.O. Box 181655

Dallas TX 75218-1655.

Or email at: Reformit@droploptexas.com



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