Among the circles that grace these pages the word revolution is well known and highly used. It is done in an expansive way as each individual carries a unique ideology and application of it. However, for those of us concerned with progress in this area I think we need to give more care to its essence. Who can deny that this word, better yet ideology, is heavily resisted by this country? Being the wizards of propaganda that they are they’ve been successful in painting it as everything evil and destructive. We saw this viciously happen to the basic ideology of communism in the 60’s and 70’s (and even exist up to today). Currently, we see similar smear campaigns being waged against Islam. If we look closely at American history we’ll see that they have portrayed revolutionaries, here and abroad, as thugs, dictators, gangsters, terrorists, rebels without a cause and violent prone people. We know those are lies and that our freedom fighters have always been the ones oppressed and at the pit of attack and murder. We must change these stigmas. If we don’t learn how to justify this ideology in conscious and righteous ways we’ll find the fire of our efforts continuously extinguished. I’ve met revolutionaries of all ideologies -anarchist, atheist, socialist and militants. I’m in no position to knock any of them because there’s something of importance in each, but my goal is to highlight the beauty of my own. While I fervently back the ideology of militancy amongst the lumpen-proletariat, and the socialist cause, I can never abandon my spiritual foundation. Studying everything from Rudolph Steiner to Martin Luther Kind Jr. to Islam I’ve discovered that the science of spirituality has everything to do with being organized and disciplined. Accomplishments made by MLK, Malcolm, and Gandhi didn’t come about through chaotic behaviors, rather organized actions and mentalities. Often we see that activism has been portrayed as accomplished best through passivity. That’s not because it’s an accurate analysis, but because passivity is favored by the ruling-class over militancy. For my Christian brothers and sisters that voice “turn the other cheek” it’s my belief that this verse meant to seek peace before provocation. Taking a stance has always been embedded in spiritual warriors, even prophets (see Moses vs. Pharaoh, Abraham vs. the Egyptian, David vs. Goliath). Also, how else could Matthew 21:12 be explained? Without a doubt, seek love before hate, peace before war, but never hesitate to fight for your beliefs. Muslims know this as well as they live by “oppression is worse than slaughter.” What we have to start doing is keep spirituality from being portrayed as something weak. We also have to show that revolution is not about destruction, but construction. Revolution has very little to do with tearing something down, a child can break something. The true essence of revolution is in taking something ineffective and building it into a more efficient and conducive state. If you dissect revolution from every possible angle you’ll come up with words like revolve, evolve, volition, evolution. The base of each of these words are growth, change, motion, development, willing, unfold, etc.. For my atheist brothers and sisters I can’t help but to look at our universe and see these things in motion. This makes me realize, as with the greatest organized revolt, there is a divine organizer to all of this. We should apply the above traits in everything we do. When we do this people will begin to see that revolution is something of beauty, something to be embraced, not feared or hated. Fighting, protesting, upheaval is only one aspect to a revolution in progress. Let’s not forget the gem Che Guevara gave us- “The true revolutionary is guided by the greatest feelings of love.” For those of us in the streets, and especially the penitentiary, we need to discard, and help others discard, those pseudo-manhood traits that says it’s all about being hard, violent and emotionless. Even Malcolm expressed- “We’ve got to change our minds about each other. We have to see each other with new eyes. We have to come together with warmth.” Studying the science to spirituality helps one grasp the depths of our being, the power of our intense minds, the connection of humanity. The concepts of socialism (sharing and kindness amongst our fellow humans) was exemplified by Jesus and is all throughout the Qur’an (and other religions as well). Apply this to overcoming tyrants (Mind, Body and Soul), cultivating communities of the world and systems built on Equality, Justice and Democracy and we have a power to be reckoned with.Let’s paint a new picture of what revolution is, and can be, so we can paint this love we feel into the heart of the world!

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