Kenneth on Netflix!

There is a new documentary series on Netflix called “I am a killer”, one of the episodes is about Kenneth, it is called “Killer in the eyes of the law”.

Words from Kenneth Foster Jr.: The participation in this Netflix series was a blessing as well as a challenge for me. In the process of journeying back down the roads of my crime which always invokes regret and sorrow, I made sure I dug deep within myself to own up to my wrongs and also make a vow to amend them. As people watch my episode we realize that every individual will have a personal opinion. We respect all those opinions. We just hope that we can bring something positive out of the situation. We also pray that people will become educated to the injustices of the application of the felony murder rule AKA The Law of Parties and ultimately be empowered to speak out with us to reform it.

This is more than a film. It’s a testimony and now a platform.




screenshots killer in the eye of the law

Law of Parties