Dear All-

I know it’s been a long time since I sent out any word on my situation. But, please believe it’s not been because of a lack of activity. At this stage of the fight most of our actions are done subtly. To have left death row with such a bang it’s understood that the best way to FULY leave these doors will be subtly and not noisily.

Many knew that the majority of our efforts were being focused on getting certain bills passed in the legislature that would not only open the doors for me, but hopefully others too. Our first attempt at this in 2009 ended with a bitter defeat in the Senate. With the efforts to correct the mistakes we made in 2009 we was sure that we would pull off a legislature victory in 2011.

I’m VERY sad to say that we did not! House Bill 2200 filed by Borris Miles did not make it out of the House Committee (the very first stage of the legislature). This has shattering effects to the hopes I had for a soon victory. In no way does this mean “it’s over.” It only means that we are delayed. We are unsure as to why the bill did not progress, especially when it progressed all the way to the Senate in 2009. On the surface it seemed that the bill did not have any fervent resistance, but we never know the plots hatched in the dark corners of the political world.

So, that is done. It is a terrible sting, but it is done. At this point in time my lawyers and I are going back to the drawing boards. By no means have we given up hope or thrown in the towel. It’s unfortunate the lengths we have to go to for justice, but justice has always seemed to be attained ONLY by sweat, blood and tears in this country. And if that be the case- SO BE IT! We accept the challenge.

It is my intention to be a bit more vocal now through these networking channels since this latest development. Plus, things throughout TDC period are becoming more and more oppressive. With the state of the economy and the many budget cuts going on– which prisons see the most of—conditions are getting worse. It was always said that a life sentence is only the slower version of the death penalty. I cannot lie – I feel the effects of that statement now. Hopefully, I will be able to bring a lot of these things to life.

As for now we go back to the drawing boards and seek a way to overcome this situation. For those that were working on the bill- I thank you. And for those that will still be standing with me as we go on- I thank you 1,000 times ahead of time. You’ll hear fro me again soon.

Until then…

Love & Struggle!

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