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The Welfare Poets


The Welfare Poets is a socio-political Hip Hop fusion band that plays a mixture of Hip Hop and the different styles of music we venture into and sometimes fuse, like Jazz and Afro-Caribbean rhythms. The group has traveled across the globe displaying our form of cultural resistance and in June of 2000 dropped our first independent release, “Project Blues.” This was followed a few years later with ”Rhymes for Treason” and towards the end of 2009, “Warn Them.” Additionally the band has also spearheaded 2 CD compilations/fundraisers since 2000, the first, “Cruel and Unusual Punishment,” against the death penalty released in 2007, and the other to assist the Puerto Rican political prisoners and their families, “The Puerto Rican Freedom Album” released at the end of 2009.

Welfare poets site

How to get the music directly from the Welfare Poets:

Purchase the physical CD through paypal here.

Album download: (copy and paste link in new window if the one provided does not take you there directly) :

You can also get it on CD Baby and Itunes:
CD Baby :Welfare poets cdbaby



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