I’m tired of being stepped on! I’m tired of being stepped on! So we decided to do some stepping back – buried in the abyss, we broke through the cracks. DRIVE – Death Row Inner-communalist Vanguard Engagement – birthed from sons of crack, neglect and abandonment. We became the standard of resistance. Ones weren’t listening to their heart beats – too lost in Amani” – But they were too busy trying to molest our souls! Strip us! They said test ’em with fire called quick heat; like hell, welcome to it: P-O-L-U-N-S-K-Y – Why are so many dying? Cause it’s a lust for death like Iraq, Vietnam. They dropped a bomb on our rec-yard and our voices only got louder. The BOOM! of cannon powder coating our faces. I wouldn’t trade places with my worse enemy to know this pain. We had to DRIVE the pain away. Do it for the forgotten victims: Our mamas, daddies, siblings that the State said “Oh well” to! The USA way. Remembered MLK Day with Civil Disobedience. Defiance Campaign. Sometimes you sit to stand. They said “Get up and walk back to this genocide!” I said – “You NOT listening, I’m NOT STANDING FOR THIS NO MORE!” These conditions are deplorable! I deployed the spirit of Ghandi/Rosa and became mobile. I was told what we’re doing is noble. I said don’t remember me – just my actions. The satisfaction is in progress – not praise. We’ve paved the way for change. Change is gonna come. Come down to the trenches and live. Live like you never knew. Know-the-ledge- and don’t fall in. But if you do we locked like chains in solidarity. Good Morning Amerikkka! You thought it was over, but we are alive like smart bombs – and just as explosive. DRIVE Movement said HELLO to the sleepers. My soul is bleeding. Are you reading the writing on the wall? I DIDN’T DO IT! I DIDN’T DO IT – make this kountry so sick! I’m in the vent plotting. I’m venting my plot. We invented a plot called combative resistance. I think they missed that genius. They upset that when one stops breathing a new revolution is planted to bloom new seasons; new reasons to not accept the norm. We’re weathering the storm in Texas. We’ve not yet reached the apex! They’ve found new gases that feel like lava. Oppression in smoke to swallow. We had to shout it out our lungs. All we needed was a hug from humanity. They wanted insanity like 1984 and 9-11. We just wanted something better than pollution. Our pleas wouldn’t fall to knees, so they said we were monsters. I said – “Tomorrow you’ll judge me, just like today for my past and if I don’t have one you will make it up.” So we said “Head up and feet down”. Drown the sound of sobs. We are moving like 18 wheelers coast to coast. Row to Row. We just can’t participate NO MORE! We want Fascism repelled. I wish I could bottle up the resistant opposition and sell it for a dime a dozen. And when I die let Mother Earth kiss me and say – “You did good.” Carry me now, cause there won’t be no grave to pack me to! Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust – I’ll be sprinkled in the radical wind. We came to win! We didn’t come to fail, for if we did we would have never put the key in. We turning the ignition! We off the break! We on the pedal!arguments of their own condemnation. We needed a new movement of mind over matter – ones not content with being examples of contradiction. The agreement became revolutionary suicide and tears became libations and shattered dreams fuel. The only tool we had was rage and the torn out page of life we clung to. My brother sung the words to – “We shall not be moved” and just like the tree we were grass-rooted. They tried to ravish us with reverse psychology like – “What about the victims?” We said – “may God help them! Peace, Salaam,


We on a DRIVE!!!

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