New lawyer for Kenneth!

After a very long and trying time the moment has come to get my case back in motion. This is going to be a very difficult task due to the fact during my time on death row I pretty much exhausted all of my legal remedies. To qualify for a new Writ to be filed one must show some form of new evidence that was not available at the time of trial or a claim of innocence. It’s my plans to pursue claims in both fields.

I wanted to let it be known that my family has hired the phenomenal Randy Schaffer to review my case. This is not only a great opportunity to achieve Justice, but it’s been a great sacrifice for my family; the retainer fee for Randy Schaffer was $30 000. That wasn’t a typo. The sad truth about the American Judicial System is it takes money to put up proper defenses to cases. Keep in mind that Capital Murder cases take up to 2.5 million dollars to see a case to execution. To go up against such a beast, properly investigate, properly research and litigate takes a lot of time and effort. Sadly, the reality is most defendants in the court system can’t afford this type of representation. The other sad truth is my family probably could not afford it either. But, I will never know the toll it will take as they will never tell. What I owe to them cannot be lived up to in two lifetimes. Nevertheless, they have faith in the person I’ve become. They know that I have served my time for my wrongs and they want to see me home with my family. We take this chance to finally see what will be. The hard facts is that NOTHING is guaranteed. Only a grand effort by a champion of the law (Mr. Schaffer). Mr. Schaffer is best known for freeing death row inmate Randall Adams whom the movie “Thin Blue Line” was made about. However, those aren’t his only accolades. If you’d like to take a peek at Mr. Schaffer’s credentials you can link up to his site ( ) or just google him.

In close, we do plan to do some fund raising for this cause to help ease the burden of my family. We will be looking at selling artwork, my poetry books and other endeavors. For any of you that would like to donate to our cause you can do so, here, through our DONATE section. We would appreciate counts. I thank-you ahead of time.

While the future is unknown I am very excited to be at this stage in my plight. Just as I never gave up hope when I was 6 hours from execution I haven’t given up hope on freedom. If, in the event of our inability to get me back in the courts and/or receive favorable results, happens I can at least look back and know I had one of the best lawyers on my side. That won’t necessarily bring me peace, because I know I’ve served my debt to society, but it’ll at least allow me to move towards peace and figuring out what to do with the time I face. Dealing with prison is as much about facing realities as surviving physically. We move forward hoping for the best…. and expecting the same!

Thank-you for your time and support. God Bless.

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