I know it’s been a while since i’ve sent out a direct message to everyone, but please believe that doesn’t mean things aren’t happening nor being pursued. Because – they are! Every day! It’s just things for me are played on a different field and as i’m sure you all realise the same “hype” that once surrounded my plight is not there because i’m not on
death row. Which is understandable. The struggle DOES continue for those that are over there and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

But i, as do my closest friends and supporters, understand that my fight is not over. Some may think that we have accepted the life sentence, but we never have and never did even before the commutation. While the life sentence has bridged me over to where i could continue living, it definately is not the final destination. For those that i write on a regular basis they already knew that – for those that i don’t – now you know.
What i wanted to do was share a brief outline with you all of what my goals and objectives are for 2010. 2010 is going to be a VERY SERIOUS year for me. It’s a year that i’m going to have to focus on and work tirelessly. It is going to have to be the year that paves way for my victory in 2011. While i’m not saying 2011 is going to be the
year that i get out of prison (though i don’t think it will be many years after that), 2011 has to be the year where certain things are done to lock in that release. And 2010 is the year where the work must be put in to acheive that.

I’m enclosing a concise outline of what i will be focusing on. Some of you know these things and som of you (even ones i write regularly) were never aware of these things. And for those that wish to know more may ask me about it as it would be a blessing to discuss some of my visions with you. One thing that i always vowed was that prison
would not keep me from doing my work that i know i am supposed to do. And it hasn’t. I’ve just begun and plan to accomplish a lot more.
While i’m sure some of my personal endeavors will bring a lot of curiosity (like the UJENZI project and the HIV/AIDS awareness), I know many are curious about my plans to go to school. As some know i was in college when i was incarcerated on this case. Well, i do plan to finish my college education. This Unit only offers a 2 year Associates (in a few subjects….. and i will probably focus on Arts-Liberal Arts). To pursue a 4 year degree i would have to transfer to another Unit, and that is something i would dread doing as i am very close to my home (San Antonio… about an hour away) and would not want to make my famioy have to endure those long drives to see me as they did for 10 years going to Ellis and Polunsky which are around 3 hour dries. They’ve made great sacrifices
for me and now i have to sacrifice for them. However, i’m sure they would encourage me to put my education and plight to freedom first. Therefore, my doors not TOTALLY closed to a transfer. At the same time, in 2 years i hope to have my main paths to freedom locked in, therefore i wont have to worry about finishing my degree here. I can
finish it out there. So, i’m looking forward to these new events coming up.

Since i left death row MANY things have changed for me. I don’t ever like to say they changed for the worse eventhough i may not have liked the change. I have come to recognise (only through feeding my spiritual self) that all things happen for a reason and that we may not understand why certain things are unfolding. So, i embrace all the change with an optimistic attitude. Even for the crops that grow there can be no sunshine without rain to make them flourish. So, through this attitude i have been able to keep on smiling at the things that i have faced. I believe that my success comes from not letting a hurdle stop me nor a sneer nor a hater hold me down. Some people want to
see you fail. But little do they know that to keep another person down they have to keep a part of themselves down with it! For those that want to be down, let them be down. I’m with the sky!

For those that are on the frontline with me. I’m going to need you to be ready to move into this next stage of the struggle. You’ve had a 2 year vacation! It’s time to get busy.
Again – just because you don’t get a flurry of messages doesn’t mean things aren’t going on. Stay tuned, keep your eyes and ears open and be ready to act when we need you. Be looking for me – I’m coming full speed ahead! Until then ……
Strength/Vision and success to you all!

2010 Goals and Objectives

* Begin College in the summer semester pursuing 2-years Associates Degree in Arts-Liberal-Arts.

* Pursue locking in a Law Firm to begin work on attaining a sentence/Time Cut (preferably a firm that can
also handle attaining Parole).

* Begin networking with State Rep. Terri Hodge on the new bill for January 2011;

Find out:
– What new support we can get behind the bill
– What hindered the bill in Senate in 2009
– What needs to be done to get the bill passed in 2011

* Start organizing families that can speak out for the bill (families im mind: Rudy Medrano, Jeff Woods)

* Work on finding a publisher that can print book number 3: 08/30/07: The Mantra Continues, for release around the beginning of August.

* Work on the UJENZI ART project (

* Work on the WE CAN SURVIVE HIV/AIDS campaign (which will include art/posters/slogans/poetry for bringing awareness to HIV and AIDS.)

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