November 2018 NCADP webinar

On November 28th, 2018,  a NCADP webinar discussed the Law Of Parties, that sentences to death or life men/ women who didn’t commit murder by holding them responsible for someone else’s actions.


Panelists included:

– Joseph Garcia’s lawyer Mridula Raman (Joseph Garcia, sentenced to death under that law was executed december the 4th, 2018, few days after this webinar)

– journalist Daniel Gross, whose articles are published in the New Yorker, the Guardian and the Washington post; and who wrote about Kenneth Foster’story

– Joanne Bean from Families Against the Texas Law of Parties.

– Gregory Joseph, NCADP’s communication director

The webinar also includes, as an introduction,  a message from Kenneth commenting on the Law Of Parties


To learn more about the Law Of Parties, watch :


Law of Parties