The ideology behind my logo represents everything I stand for and believe. From the smallest parts of its root to the most expansive part of its branches the Power of One is what sustains me.


The Power of One stems back to one man point—which is the seed that makes everything flourish—which is Life comes from One “Creator, One Source and/or One Thought.” Regardless if you believe Life started as an algae or sprang full-grown from the Mind of the Creator, there had to be a First Cause.


That First Cause is the Universal Energy (vital force) that permeates the Universe. This is something that is in reach of everyone.


Be it prayer, meditation, song, poem- there are all mental images that for within us, and depending on our faith, belief and action will depend on what manifest from us.


As a prisoner, the majority of what I manifest comes from my Mind. I’m unable to plan, construct, tap a computer. Through my concepts I allow others to see and do. Imagination pictures the thing you desire. We focus on that one desire. Vision idealizes it. Even from prison I mold my life, and from my faith and belief I push to manifest what I want for y future. It is the Power of that One (Mind/Thought/Idea).


Through One Life at a time we make One Difference. People have so many desires at one time to where they can never set aim upon something and get it done. You have to concentrate on One idea at a time. And when you do- “what things soever ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall have them.”


Thus, we stand on the concept of One. From the smalled we build the greatest. No matter if you’re a prisoner or a young entrepreneur, the concept applies the same, and from what we push forward standing on:


One Life. One Difference.