Richard James Jackson

“Hello Readers“!

I appriciate you taking the time to read this introduction into the mind and world of the man known as Richard James Jackson.

I´ve never been the type of individual to break and fold in the midst of adversity.So although I´m currently incarcerated in the Texas prison system, I`m not allowing this confinement to stagnate my ability to progess and evolve as a man and individual. I understand that “my book“ doesn´t end inside this prison facility. So it´s important that I use this time and opportunity to my advantage and prepare myself for the chapters to come, I´m doing that thru the process of self education. I´m an avid reader with a thirst for knowledge; soking up as much as my brain allows me to retain.

Through my reading and studies I´ve developed an affinity for psychology and philosophy. I´m attracted to the mind and how it works and enjoy the debates that thrive between the philosophical. I occasionally draw and write poetry. I have a fondnesss for art and feel it is a good way to express oneself.

I consider myself to be a very open-minded individual who enjoys conversating about things the average person whould´t have an interest in. I´m someone who´s molded himself around the principles and morals that I believe in. Someone with a good sense of humor but a bad sense of direction.

I look forward to meeting and corresponding with new people. I hope to gain some friends in the process as well as be introduced to an alternate world than the one I´ve been subjected to. So wether you´re interested in exploring my mind, sharing ideas, discussing life, or being a friend to a person who could use the companionship; I encourage you to reach out.

Richard James Jackson # 1875827
Hughes Unit Rt. 2 Box 4400
Gatesville,TX 76597



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