Senate Bill 1437

In January 2019 California took an extraordinary step and reform their Felony Murder Rule.
After analyzing excessive life sentences and sometimes unnecessary death sentences, California realizes that they can make some righteous changes.
They decided that if you are not a major participant in the death of somebody that they would no longer convict you under a murder statute. Which of course absolutely makes sense. If you did not kill and were not the major participant in somebody’s death you will not be charged with the murder statute. However, you will be charged with what’s appropriate for your crime.
This is what we’ve been asking Texas to do since 2009 when the first Felony Murder aka Law of Party Bill was filed: HB2267 (the Kenneth Foster Jr. Bill) by state representative Terri Hodge.
Sadly, these bills have been met with violent opposition. Over the years these views have begun to lighten up as it is seen that more and more people are being given death and life sentences who never killed anybody. Kenneth Foster Jr. was the first case to gain notoriety under the Law of Parties but there are people like Jeff Wood, Rudy Medrano, and approximately 10 to 12 others that we have identified as non-killers. It’s time to put a stop to what is known as the Texas Law of Parties. Reform must come to
this statute and we must continuously share information about what California accomplished. It’s our hope that we will follow in these footsteps. Please view these videos and find a way to tap into the passionate efforts that many people are putting forth to save lives in Texas, and also give deserving men and women a second chance at life.

Law of Party