The states in the south of amerika have passionately held on to some old traditions. The racism that was pervaded in this kountry has not been eradicated, nor, through the establishment of covert and institutional schemes to carry racism on, does there seem to be plans to eradicate it.


While racism existed in every crevice of this kountry, it seems that the southern states took it to new levels. The first Africans were brought to Jamestown, Virginia as slaves in August 1619 and the southern states embraced and propagated this sadistic process like it was no tomorrow. Perhaps because slavery and the racism that followed to keep it implemented was so centred in the south, southerners entire mentality towards themselves and others were warped beyond ordinary reason. Martin Luther King Jr. talked about how an oppressor’s mind can become just as traumatized as the oppressed. Acts of such monstrosity cannot come from wholesome or sane minds. This “difference” in mentality was exhibited through the civil war when the United Southern States, known as the Confederacy, tried to break away from the rest of the U.S. colonies. That was just in 1865.


December 18, 1865 signified the day the 13th Amendment was ratified and slavery was abolished. However – Texas, a state that tried to proclaim itself a republic, did not acknowledge that law. It took special commissioned troops to travel to Texas, two years later, to enforce this new law. This is why blacks in Texas don’t celebrate their Emancipation Day until June 19th (instead of January 1st, 1863 which in actuality was just a lip service day of Emancipation. The 13th Amendment wouldn’t be TRULY ratified until December 18th, 1865). This was the day the troops enforced this new law in 1867.


Texas has lived on its own legacies of the old south. From 1890 – 1980 there were 5.000 DOCUMENTED lynches in the U.S. Nevertheless, lynchings were still happening in Texas in 1998 (the Jasper incident). This is not just an expression of individual racism, but an expression of amerikan racism that was once embraced as a way of life. Lynchings still go in many other states as well.


Prisons are the most visual legacy of slavery. Infact, in the 13th Amendment proudly proclaims:


“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime whereof the part shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, nor any place subject to their jurisdiction.”


That speaks for itself; along with the tradition of calling prison guards “boss man” (ie-master, overseer) to the bare necessity system. An example of this bare necessity system is the feeding process. Prisons, once known as farms, are just like old slave plantations, and do function just like farms. They make their own supplies (from clothes to hygienic products) and even breed animals. One of their favorite animals is the pig. Inmates are fed high doses of pork (which is often improperly cooked due to the feeding time rushes to feed an entire prison). Why? Because the pig is a low maintenance animal that grows fairly large, living off of basically anything. It’s a cheap product to feed prisoners with. By driving spending down the Prison Industrial Complex keeps its profits high. Feeding slaves (prisoners) pork is an old tradition. Slaves harvested the animals on plantations, but were only given the pig discard-head, feet, guts to live on. Black people, in survival mode, made the best of it and spiced it, pickled it and baked it. Blacks cooked the food so well that even the greedy slave masters would creep out to the old decrepit cabins for a taste. Now the world knows platters calls “Soul Food” (which, in part, is the above foods cooked to perfection).


·On a more dreadful note, southern states lead this kountry in execution.


·1/2 of the U.S. death row population (almost 3.600) is in states of the former confederacy


·5 out of every 6 people executed in the U.S. have been put to death in the south ·southern states accounted for 84 % of all death sentences imposed on juveniles since 1973. Texas, Florida and Alabama account for half
·In a kountry where Blacks make up approximately 13 % of the population, Blacks make up 42 % of the death rows ·Texas itself accounts for over 310 executions since 1976.


WOW! What’s the south trying to tell us? Most likely that they are the true and living pulse of that this kountry is all about. This isn’t just a “Black” issue that we’re facing but a people issue because the above doesn’t represent EVERY amerikan. And for those that don’t know, ameriKa represents the true ameriKKKan mentality that we know. They promote it. It’s a white nationalistic supremist mentality. That is the definition of “white amerika”. Let’s just have an America. Can we just have an America or a just America? That remains to be seen. But, one thing I DO know – as long as we accept and tolerate the above our society, and every part of the world that it touches, will continue to literally… go south.

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