Dear Everyone,

The roller coaster ride gets even more rocky! On March 26th I was transferred from the McConnell Unit. It was not a surprise to me; I knew they would eventually try to distance themselves from me in light of their frivolous Seg’n of me and the fact that I’m challenging it legally. But, this isn’t going to stop that process.

Of course, they chose to get me as far away from my support system as possible and moved me to Abilene. This puts me 7 hours away from the person that visits me the most, 5 hours away from my family in San Antonio and 4 hours away from my lawyer in Austin. It’s a typical tactic to isolate an individual from his support system.

TDC allows inmates to put in for a “Hardship Transfer” based on family medical problems. Since my father and grandfather both had severe medical problems we have put in for a transfer back to my region (something they could have done from the beginning). Let’s hope it happens soon.

For 3 days I zig zag’d through Texas.

Day 1: left McConnell and stopped at Connally Unit, Stevenson Unit and a pre-release facility. The final destination was Darrington Unit in Rosharon, TX. In company with me was Marc Garrett (the man who openly admitted to committing the said assault I’m in Seg for). Garrett was sent to Darrington and assigned there (take note: even Garrett is closer to San Antonio than me. Rosharon is right by Houston).

Day 2: I left Darrington and went straight to the Walls Unit in Huntsville. What memories I had going there. I stayed there for the night.

Day 3: The next morning I left the Walls. We made a stop at Hughes Unit then came straight to Robertson.

While the scenery was a treat for the eyes the pain from the cuffing wasn’t. Shackled from hands to feet is no pleasantry. The nerves on my left thumb are still numbed.

When you leave on chain you are allowed to bring one bag of property with you (so one must choose wisely what you wish to have). While policy says that property should reach you within 21 days or so sometimes it can take up to 2 months. I received the rest of my property on May 10th. Not too bad considering.

And so Robertson it is for a while. There’s nothing better to report. Well, it seems you trade one thing for another. I traded off bad conditions and decent guards for good conditions and a band of malicious guards. I don’t think I’ve seen guards as hateful as these. And when I say hateful I don’t mean guards that simply enforce the rules. I have no problem with being punished for any rule I break. But, these guards go out their way to provoke you and ransack your stuff. I’ve already gone through it once while being here and had property of mine confiscated. But, I’m going to go out of my way to fly as straight as an arrow because I have bigger fights ahead. I recall reading a piece of philosophy that said Wisdom was not just about knowing HOW to fight a battle, but WHEN! I think I’ll adhere to that.

One thing about it is I understand where I am. I have no illusions about it. Sometimes some (not all) of these guards will come through and they want to go “hardcore” with you.

Taking you to recreation or shower they’ll strip you out, do a full cavity search (open your mouth, lift your testicles, turn around and spread your cheeks). Not nice, but it IS a rule they can enforce. A lot of inmates will get into arguments with the guards about it. In turn they don’t come out of their cell for not complying with policy. By the time they get to my cell I’m already naked. NOT cause I enjoy the process but because 1) I’m not going to let them beat me and deny me what I’m due and 2) I already have the mentality that THIS IS PRISON! THIS IS NOT A SUMMER CAMP OR A COLLEGE CAMPUS! This is prison, I know what it’s about. For guys that have a lot of time to do I suggest they get ready because it’s getting worse. I’m ready for whatever they got!

As we speak I’m gearing up to challenge the Seg situation, I’m cranking out good enlightening material to the public and I’m preparing for another round in the 2013 Legislature. At the end of every storm the sun will shine again. I think it’s my time to bask in it.

Do stay tuned. Much more to come.

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