Director Scott Calonico made a documentary short , Lone Star Statement, about the night before Kenneth Foster’s slated execution. The short will be shown at the International Film Festival this month ( 8/17 October 2015) in Italy. Watch and share the video and please show some love to Scott on his Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/scott.calonico?fref=ts)  for creating this documentary.

Director, Scott Calonico quote for Kenneth’s friends and supporters:

“I stumbled across an audio recording of Kenneth reading this poem while doing research for another project and was immediately moved by it. A reporter friend of mine had originally written about Kenneth over 10 years ago and re-reading her stories and discovering that Kenneth was still in jail – not to mention barely escaping execution – was outrageous to me. Kenneth has long ago admitted that he made some errors in judgement when he was younger. He’s served enough time behind bars. Especially now when corporate criminals can cause so much economic damage to families and communities and walk away totally free.”