“Hey everyone!! I want to thank EVERYONE that was able to make it to the park and assist us in our effortts to raise awareness!!! I think that it went really well. I know that some couldn’t make it for various reasons, but I appreciate all those that did. We got about 13 pages of signatures and passed out loads of information!! A lot of people were unaware of the way the State of Texas works as far as “justice” goes.” ~ Beverly Fisher

“July 9th, Lawrence, Kenneth Sr., and Ray of the Welfare Poets were on the air July 9th on NYC Pacifica station, and they did a GREAT job!! Not only did they paint a picture of how unjust the Law of Parties is, and the bias surrounding the trial itself, but they also made a powerful case for why struggle and action will be the key in stopping the execution… including mentioning the march in Austin on July 21 and our community forum in Harlem on July 26.

The host was very supportive and said they will post information on Kenneth and the Governor’s phone numbers on their website, and she mentioned that she had spent the weekend reading Kenneth’s poetry and writings , and committed to coming out on the 26th.

Just to give people a sense of the radio station’s profile, the show the Fosters were on has a good number of listeners; film-maker Michael Moore went on a few minutes later to talk about his movie “Sicko,” so this is no small program!

So we’ll keep working on the outreach here.
Solidarity from NYC — ~ Lee, CEDP”

The Italians, who were there not too long ago to interview Kenneth and a bunch of the family members – and also there to film the wedding, came over to see me (Tasha) and filmed me in my hometown Rotterdam. There also filmed my parents, sister and some of my friends. They will soon be going to the United States again and they will talk to Nicole, Nydesha and some people that grew up in San Antonio just to see what life out there is like. They will come back, if the execution does not get halted soon, in August to film how we all battle through this. They are also working on getting a trailer for Kenneth on the channel, to get people to campaign for Kenneth, write letters, make calls etc. They are currently awaiting a full ‘go’ on that. ~ Tasha

Catherina Welsh from the Critical Resistance organization in New Orleans put flyers together to distribute in New Orleans and at the U.S. Social Forum in ATL. She used Kenneth’s poetry (his poem, lets start organizing) as his voice.

On Sunday, July 22 Tasha will do an interview with George Cadman host of ‘Peace Talks’ FRSC 101.1 fm (CA). It will be mostly about Kenneth as a person and his case.”

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