Young Men Of Color

Around 2005 I came across a young man by the name of de’Angelo Dia Bethune.

At the time Mr.Bethune was a college student in North Carolina. He came across information about my plight, felt connected to the struggle and decided to reach out to me. And as they say, „The rest is historry.“ To this day we are as close as brothers and our journey to better things in life continues.

Mr.Bethune ultimately became a teacher and is involved in several social and religious programs. Having the spirit to give back to the youth, and knowing that I did also, gave Mr.Bethune the idea to put those visions together. What Mr.Bethune came up with was a way for him to not only expand his teaching lessons, but to give me the opportunity to make good on my words of redemption and giving back. He offered me the chance to share my experience and knowledge with the youth he worked with.These youth are a part of a group called Young Men of Color (though it’s not limited to any specific ethnicity).

What I was given was the chance to touch on different topics that are relevant to the youth of today (peer pressure, education, maturity) and also issues that I find relevant (social justice, activism, history, making wise choices). What Mr.Bethune and I decided upon was that I would choose a topic once every 2 months or so, send to him and he would streamline the topics and make them accessible for the youths.

This section of my web-site is being dedicated to that mentorship. We would like to share our efforts with the world to show that being incarcerated does not stop one from learning, growing and teaching. It’s important that we share such endeavors so that we can continually combat the negative stereotypes placed upon the incarcerated– from the inside to the outside.

We invite you to read along with our lessons and pass on any that you may find releveant in your own world. We thank you for spending this time with us. God Bless.


Mr.Kenneth E.Foster Jr &

Mr. de ‘Angelo Dia Bethune

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